Monday, September 12, 2016

Photo Editing With Ultrawide Monitor

If you are not new with ultrawide monitor, you certainly have known that there are many things we can do with this new innovation of wide screen. One can watch movie with wide views, amazing gaming experience, and working with multitasking. You name it.

One of many jobs that we are going to talk about is photographer, more specifically, we are digging about information behind experience of editing photo using ultrawide monitor. Would there be advantages? What are the tips of choosing the best ultrawide generation for photo editing?

Photo Editing Using Ultrawide

Ultrawides had benefited almost all people, workers, gamers and movie freaks. However, we can say that those who benefited greatly from ultrawide are photographers (or filmmakers and jobs similar to those) and gamers.

In editing photo, one needs to open some tabs at once. For instance, they have to open their directory to see the original photo, and photo editor software like Lightroom, Photoshop and others. You are no longer have to zoom into odd sizes to see your photo better, because there is much space on your screen.

Plus, you can edit the same photo in two application just in at the same time. This way you can compare the result of both edited photo without losing track of what editing step you have taken. Moreover, ultrawides are provided with high resolution and fantastic contrast colors, thus making your work better.

Best Ultrawide Monitor for Photo Editor

Talking about the goodness of ultrawides when is used to edit photo is not enough. The raising question is which ultrawide suits photo editor best? Now let us introduce you to LG 34UM95. This monitor has 3440x1440 resolution. It also has a hardware LUT that is meant to store color calibration data directly to the monitor, so the colors you see are all accurate.

Not only gamers, photo editors were sometimes installed more than one monitor too. And by using ultrawide, they can have more space on desk, and you only require one power socket. To make it more double or triple amazing, LG has True Color Finder that directly connect to the monitor, controlling OSD functions when calibration process is running.